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What do audiences want?

Today's Speaking Market

Clients and audiences are looking for real learning experiences. They want practical tips they can apply to their pressing problems; they want them from someone who has actually applied them, not generalities from somebody who just talks about them.  

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They want:

To know that it is essential to survive and thrive in today's chaotic business environment.

Practical knowledge and insights that they can apply immediately.

To know that the speaker is genuine; that not only has he lived the content, but has also researched it and is up to date.

True stories that are entertaining and illustrate the learning.

They want someone who has walked the talk and has an interesting and different background.

GROWTH DURING TOUGH TIMES. A recent survey of 600 CEOs around the globe showed that their main concern and most pressing challenge is GROWTH.  Growing a business has become a daunting challenge.  In today's global business environment, all products, services, and companies are becoming indistinguishable from one another, in a word, Commodities

VALUE. Audiences walk away with innovative ideas and insights they can immediately apply to their own businesses.

AUTHENTICITY. Formerly with Mobil Oil, Michael Wynne was president of Mobil Ami, S.A., a chemical specialties subsidiary with full P&L responsibility for Latin American operations.  Promoted to Strategic Planning Manager with Mobil Chemical Company, he developed global strategies for a $2 billion operation.  Promoted again, he became General Manager of a worldwide chemical specialties group.With over 30 years of corporate, entrepreneurial, and consulting experience across many industries, countries, and cultures, he shares wider, real world, insights and perspectives, and offers practical solutions.

ENTERTAINMENT.  An internationally renowned professional speaker, author of Sci-Tech Selling (Prentice Hall), and winner of the Wordsmith Award for Platform Excellence, Michael Wynne has educated and entertained audiences in English and Spanish in 21 countries.  More importantly, he has helped thousands of business people grow their revenues and profits through innovation and better leadership.

CHARACTER. Michael draws on his highly diverse life and business experiences to illustrate his presentations.  Some of his personal adventures include living through a violent revolution, hiking across the Andes, tracking the Gold Trail across the Panama Isthmus, serving in the US Air Force Air/Sea Rescue operations, surviving ejection seat training, training pilots in the physiology of high altitude flight, making it through Jungle Survival Training; swimming in shark infested waters (unknowingly); and running and completing the Chicago Marathon (that one was knowingly).

Today's decision makers want new ideas and practical tips about

  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • and Global Business Success Strategies

Thanks to his over 30 years of running and advising companies in U.S. and abroad, he brings up-to-date, real world information and insights that fit the needs of CEOs and executives everywhere, and that he has shared with clients and audiences in 21 countries.

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