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Programs: Innovation and Creative Competition

Program Descriptions

The Power of Creative Competition

Doing the same old things won't deliver anything different, and Benchmarking at best only brings you up to where others already are.  Today's consumers are looking for new value and experiences.  You need to be at least two steps and two products ahead of your competition.  Creativity and Innovation are the only strategies with enough power to reach that goal.  Learn how to develop and deliver great new concepts and products that take customers to new highs, and boost your sales and profits to new heights.

Team Driven Innovation (Innovation Special Ops)

The Olympics have proven that putting several people together is not enough; that's like a committee, and you wouldn't send a committee to compete in the Olympics; "It Takes a Team to Win!  Learn how to build the same level of focus and intensity that motivates military Special Ops teams.  Innovation that works is the result of leadership, teamwork, and following a structured process.  This program addresses both the structured innovation process, and the art of building and leading powerful creative teams.

Who Should Attend: C-Level Executives, Global Teams and Leaders, Associations, Entrepreneurs, Universities Leaders, Associations, Entrepreneurs, Universities

  • The Power of Creative Competition
  • Team Driven Innovation (Innovation Special Ops)
  • Brainstorming Techniques of  Creative Geniuses
  • Create a Culture of Innovation
  • Innovation Intensive - Two Day Seminar for Building an Innovation System in Your Company

Brainstorming Techniques of Creative Geniuses

The real Da Vinci Code wasn't hidden in Leonardo's works, but in his approach to creativity and innovation.  Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  Edison said, "Invention is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."  Creativity is not a random phenomenon.  Coming up with new ideas is hard.  But once you zero in on the techniques of brainstorming, you won't need to be a genius to generate great ideas and products.

Create a Culture of Innovation

Flowers don't bloom in Winter, and creative ideas won't bloom in unfavorable environments either.  The tone of acceptance, encouragement, and respect for creativity and innovation must be set at the top of the organization.  As Toyota has demonstrated, even the most operationally demanding manufacturing environments can foster creativity.  How to develop a culture that inspires new thinking, provides a favorable infrastructure, rewards innovation and creativity, and gets highly profitable results.

Innovation Intensive - Two-Day Seminar for Building an Innovation System in Your Company.

An A to Z, step-by-step, highly interactive, innovation training program.  It shows you how to  build a high revenue and profit generating innovation machine in your business.  It teaches you how to motivate your people, get their buy-in, and generate an endless flow of new ideas, products, and services that not only enhance existing markets, but also grow new ones and niches.

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