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Program Descriptions

Take Your Business from Zero to $60,000,000!!! 

Internationally renowned business growth expert Michael Wynne took a business that had been losing money for four years, turned it into a profit maker within three months, and kept it growing from then on.  Learn from Michael's experience as he shares the simple, easy-to-learn system that generates SUSTAINABLE growth and profitability in your business.  Learn how to:

  • Manage the Mechanics of Profitability.  Helps you concentrate your efforts on goals that enrich the bottom line.
  • Navigate the Four Avenues of Growth.  Shows you how to retain and grow both current and future profitable customers.

Who Should Attend: C-Level Executives, Global Teams and Leaders, Associations, Entrepreneurs, Universities

  • Take Your Business from Zero to $60,000,000!!! 
  • The 30 Point Profitability Strategy
  • Bottom Line Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurs,
  • Visibility. 100 Tips to Increase Your Market Visibility,
  • Unleash the Powers of Innovation.  Helps you constantly introduce new products and services that keep your current customers happy, attract new clients, develop new markets, and create new sources of revenues.
  • Build and Lead Exceptional Teams.  They become self-sustaining and energizing forces that rocket your business to new growth and profitability heights
  • Turn your dreams into a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Machine with these four simple-but-easy-to-remember strategies.

The 30 Point Profitability Strategy

Anybody can run a business ... into the ground.  But, what does it take to run and grow a profitable business?  Many people would say it is keeping track of the numbers.  Unfortunately, numbers only tell you what has already happened.  LEARN FROM THE NUMBERS AND THE MARKETPLACE WHAT YOU MUST DO TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND DO IT PROFITABLY. 

You will learn:

  • Why bottom line growth must begin at the top
  • The three basic ways to increase profits
  • The four ways to grow revenues
  • The five basic strategies for increasing profitability

This training program simplifies a complex subject by providing easy-to- remember-and-apply guidelines for achieving growth and profitability.

Bottom Line Strategic Planning for Entrepreneur

Strategic Planning is not rocket science, but large corporations have turned this common sense planning tool into a multi-headed, bean-counting monster.  s that keep your company focused and on-track as it pursues its strategic goal.  Bottom Line Strategic Planning is a simple approach to developing practical, manageable, easy-to-understand, longer-range plans.  The process starts where it should - with the customers and their markets.  It then moves to evaluating the company's current S.W.A.T. status, and comparing it with what it needs to reach its goals.  The rest is merely grinding the numbers out, and checking them for accuracy and feasibility.  It is easy - but it does require objectivity and discipline.

Visibility. 100 Tips to Increase Your Market Visibility

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door."  He was wrong.  Today's customers want to see, hear, touch, and try everything before buying it.  You have to be visible to survive and thrive.  The invisible business, like the invisible man, never got an order.

We were taught, "Don't toot your own horn."  Wrong again.  If you don't toot your own horn, who will?  You will be like a tree falling in a forest; nobody will hear it.  Today's markets are filled with noise from competitors who are tooting their horns loudly and often; you have to be heard if you want to compete.

This program shows you how to get through to the ten major areas where you need to be seen and heard.  Each of those ten areas also has ten key points and activities that will get you the results you desire.

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