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Programs: Global Business Sucess

Program Descriptions

Success Lessons from Global Markets

Lessons learned from successful companies on how to work global markets.  This program shows how to select appropriate markets for your specific business, products, and services.  It takes you all the way through developing strategies for initial market entries, and adapting and adjusting offerings to suit the different markets, plus how to manage international operations and relationships with foreign communities, and workers, as well as the art of dealing with governments.

Global Market Entry Strategies

This program explores specific market entry strategies for a wide number of different needs and situations.  It covers plusses and minuses, preliminary preparation and staging, managing the entry process, maximizing impacts, expansion modes and options, and how to handle unexpected events.

Who Should Attend:
C-Level Executives, Global Teams and Leaders, Associations, Entrepreneurs, Universities

  • Success Lessons from Global Markets
  • Global Market Entry Strategies
  • Global M&A, Due Diligence Warning Signs,
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiation Strategies
  • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Acculturation.

Global M&A Due Diligence Warning Signs

It is easy to get confused when trying to assess and evaluate potential acquisition candidates in foreign countries.  How to avoid the perils and pitfalls of inadequate due diligence. Taking due diligence beyond just numbers to cover several revealing dimensions.  Selecting, training, and managing international due diligence teams.  How to recognize and handle foreign scams, frauds, deceptions, and outright cheating, as well as avoiding potential illegal entanglements and traps.

Cross-Cultural Negotiation Strategies

We Americans rate among the world's worst negotiators.  This ends up costing American businesses millions of dollars in lost opportunities and unreasonable terms and conditions.  This program brings to light the maneuvers, strategies, and tactics often employed by foreign negotiators in dealing with Americans.  It provides a wide selection of approaches that produce win-win agreements.


Special one-on-one coaching for American and Foreign Executives that helps them conduct business successfully in other countries.  The biggest problems we, and foreign business people, run into when conducting business in new countries are our own assumptions about their cultures and values. We Americans tend to think our customs and values are valid everywhere, and they are not.  Foreigners tend to think they know our culture because of what they have seen in the movies and on TV; and they don't.


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