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Get Free Gas and Electric Vouchers from SSE

What are SSE Vouchers?

SSE vouchers are a way of helping customers with their energy bills. Customers are able to get a subsidy for up to £140 off their gas and electric bills each year. SSE vouchers can be used to offset the cost of energy use over the course of the year.

How Can I Get A Voucher?

In order to get an SSE voucher, you need to first be eligible for the scheme. To be eligible, you must be a resident of England, Scotland or Wales and be on certain benefits, such as a Pension Credit or Working Tax Credit. You can check your eligibility on the SSE website.

What Are The Benefits Of An SSE Voucher?

An SSE voucher can provide significant savings on your energy bills. It can help you save money over the course of the year. This can be especially helpful for those with low incomes or those on benefits who may find it difficult to pay their energy bills.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

You will need to renew your SSE voucher each year, so you must remember to renew it. When you renew your voucher, you will need to go through the same registration process to check your eligibility.

Where Can I Find More Information?

If you would like more information about SSE vouchers, you can visit the SSE website, or speak to someone directly about the scheme.


SSE Website
Free Gas and Electric Vouchers from SSE

Free Gas and Electric Vouchers from SSE

What You Need to Know

If you need help with your energy bills, SSE (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy) offers free gas and electricity vouchers to eligible customers. Read on to learn more about the requirements for receiving this assistance and what types of payments may be made.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered eligible for this programme, you must meet certain requirements. These include having a low income, being on Universal Credit or have been accepted into a benefit-based scheme. You must also be an SSE customer. In order to apply for vouchers, you must meet all of these requirements.

Types of Payment

The programme offers vouchers up to the value of £120 that can be used on either gas or electricity payments for customers on SSE’s prepayment meters. Alternatively, if you are on a credit or direct debit payment plan, these funds can be used towards your monthly payments.

How To Apply

The applicaton process for the Energy Voucher Programme can be completed online or by phone. To apply, you will need your SSE account number or postcode, as well as your National Insurance number to validate your eligibility. During the process, you will be asked a series of questions about your household income and any other benefits you may receive.


For more information about the Energy Voucher Programme from SSE, visit their website. If you need assistance or have questions, you can also call their customer service line at 0800 980 9965.

Free Gas and Electric Vouchers from SSE

What Are Free Gas and Electric Vouchers?

Free Gas and Electric vouchers are a way for people to save money on their energy bills, while helping the environment. The vouchers are provided by energy company SSE and are available to customers who buy from them.

How Does the Scheme Work?

The scheme works by awarding vouchers for every £1 customers spend on their energy bills. For instance, if a customer spends £100, they will receive £100 worth of vouchers. The vouchers can then be used to purchase products from the SSE online store.

What Can the Vouchers Buy?

The vouchers can be used to buy a range of items, from energy-efficient appliances like LED lightbulbs and thermostats, to small electrical items such as tumble dryers and kettles. The vouchers can also be used to purchase energy-saving certificates, which act like a stamp of approval for energy-efficiency.

How Can I Access the Scheme?

The scheme is open to all SSE customers, and customers can access their vouchers online or in-store at any branch.

What Are the Benefits of the Scheme?

The scheme provides customers with a way to reduce their energy bills while helping the environment. It also encourages businesses to buy energy-efficient products, leading to lower energy consumption and emissions.

Are There Any Other Tips to Help Save Money on My Energy Bills?

Yes, there are a few simple steps that can help customers save money on their energy bills. These include:

  • Installing energy-efficient appliances
  • Turning off lights and devices when not in use
  • Using the Energy Saving Trust to compare energy prices
  • Switching to a renewable energy supplier


Free Gas and Electric Vouchers SSE

What’s Available?

SSE provides gas and electric vouchers that can be used to reduce the cost of maintenance and servicing, helping to ensure that everything is running smoothly and safely. These vouchers are available to all customers, including those who are currently with other suppliers, making them an attractive choice for people looking to save some money on energy-related expenses.

How Does It Work?

The vouchers works much like a discount. When customers purchase their gas or electricity, the amount they’re spending will be reduced accordingly. There is no minimum purchase required and customers can use the vouchers as often as they need. Customers can find instructions on the SSE website on how to redeem their vouchers. It’s important to note that these vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.

What Can You Save?

By using these vouchers, customers can save up to a couple of hundred pounds on their annual energy bills. In addition, customers who are currently with other suppliers can save up to 20% on their bills when switching to SSE.

Do I Have to Do Anything?

No. There is no need to activate, sign up, or register for the vouchers. All customers who use SSE for their gas and electric are eligible for the discounts. Customers can redeem their vouchers at any time and as many times as they’d like.

Where Can I Find Out More?

To find out more about free gas and electric vouchers SSE, customers can visit the SSE website where they will find all the details and instructions. Further information is available by contacting the SSE customer service team at [add telephone number].

The vouchers are an easy way to reduce the cost of maintenance and servicing, and help to lower energy bills. Customers can take advantage of the savings available through SSE – both for existing and new customers – simply by swiping their gas or electric voucher when purchasing.

[1] SSE website – Free gas and electric vouchers

Free Gas and Electric Vouchers from SSE

What Is SSE?

SSE (formerly known as Scottish and Southern Energy) is the second largest energy supplier in the UK and is a key provider of home energy. The company has been operating in the UK since 1998 and sells electricity, gas, and energy services to around 9 million customers.

What Are Free Gas and Electric Vouchers?

SSE offers free gas and electric vouchers for some of its customers. These vouchers can be used to get discounts on your gas and electricity bills. The discounts vary from 5-50% depending on the type of voucher and the amount of energy you use. Additionally, any free gas and electric vouchers from SSE must be used within three months of it being issued.

Who Is Eligible for Free Gas and Electric Vouchers?

These vouchers are usually available to new customers as part of promotional offers. Those on some low-income households may also be eligible for free vouchers. If you’re eligible, SSE will contact you with details of the free gas and electric vouchers.

How Do I Redeem My Free Gas and Electric Vouchers?

Once you have received your vouchers from SSE, you will need to redeem them. You can do this by logging into your SSE account and following the instructions to redeem your vouchers.

Benefits of Free Gas and Electric Vouchers from SSE

The main benefit of taking up free gas and electric vouchers from SSE is that you can save money on your energy bills. Depending on the type and amount of energy you use, you could save up to 50% with these vouchers. Additionally, the vouchers can be used for up to three months after they have been issued. This gives you plenty of time to use them.


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