Michael Wynne, The Real World Business Speaker



"I am confident that our group left the meeting with many new and different tactics to utilize in their daily tasks as managers."

Michael Berry, Managing Director, Intech/EDM


Will Your Business Need Help To Make It Through The Tough Times Ahead?

Does the future of your company keep you awake nights?  I can help you.  You see, as a business consultant with over 30 years experience, my job is to help you secure the future of your company.  Here's what my firm, International Management Consulting Associates, is about. The business of our firm is the future of your business

Personally, I have managed companies successfully through tough times, and helped others do the same here in the U.S. and abroad.  I did it by:

  • Cutting through the confusion and fear caused by tough times
  • Defining problems correctly (there are no right solutions for the wrong problems).
  • Designing innovative growth and profitability strategies, and
  • Implementing them successfully.

Expertise areas where we can help you

Innovation and New Product Development

  • Research and identify customer current and future need opportunities
  • Develop criteria of ideal innovation to guide search
  • Brainstorming new idea creativity sessions
  • Developing prototypes that match ideal innovation criteria
  • Conduct selective testing to generate valuable feedback
  • Redesign innovation based on tests and feedback
  • Hit the market with a compelling strategic campaign
  • Ensure continued evolving and growth

Growth and Profitability

  • Identify existing and new revenue and profitability growth opportunities
  • Develop multiple revenue stream strategies
  • Structure continuity and longevity of major revenue streams
  • Analyze product and service mix for greater profitability
  • Restructure assets for greater maximization
  • Design Profitable Pricing strategies

International Strategy

  • Identify appropriate international markets for profitable growth.
  • Adapt offerings and distribution to local cultures.
  • Negotiate, or guide negotiations, with local entities.
  • International business intelligence, technology assessments, and licensing
  • International acquisition searches, due diligence, negotiating
  • Development of regional distribution systems,
  • Private label, brand, product, licensing, and franchising agreements
  • International alliances, acquisitions, joint ventures and funding
  • International raw material, intermediate, and component sourcing

Global Leadership and Team Building, Training and Coaching Programs
Develop exceptional leaders and teams to create and ensure the company's future.

Acculturation.  Prepare US and foreign executives and managers to conduct business in other countries and cultures, including the US.


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